Advertisement & Marketing Campaign concept for a Donut Café.
By Daniela Calderon & Melany Rodriguez | Student Final Project | Spring 2021
Project Background & prospects  
The focus we want to take with this final project is to persuade our target audience to eat and enjoy Good Vibes: Donuts Café. Our theme is based on the retro aesthetic of the mid-1970s. The name Good Vibes is slang for positive feelings, and it originates from the mid-1960s but was said a lot in the 1970s.  We will be presenting a logo design that matches the theme as well as the following promotional items: flyers, napkins, donut boxes and business cards. Also, we will provide a 30-sec Facebook post video ad as well as a 15-sec promotional video Instagram Story. In essence, we want to create a nostalgic, feel-good vibe that welcomes people. 
Target Audience  
We are mainly targeting foodies and people who are looking a for a nostalgic experience. Our aesthetic fits both male and female audiences, who are between the ages of as young as 16 years old or 50 year old's who want to remember the old times. We are looking to target sugar lovers, donut lovers, art lovers and artists themselves. In essence, people who want a sweet, positive feelings and experiences. 
If we were to be located somewhere, where would it be?  
Wynwood, as our target audience would be attracted to that place due to its artsy aesthetic.
Value Proposition
Why would people want to eat at Good Vibes? People who eat donuts at Good Vibes want to feel happiness and positivity. The world is full of so many problems and Good Vibes provides an experience  in which the customer feels, “yeah, everything is alright.” We want to be known for  providing people who love sweets and savory sensations an experience along with food that make them feel good and satiated. It is all good vibes and that is provided by Good Vibes Donuts. 
Footage was provided by Prof. to be able to practice video editing, advertisement & copywriting. Voice over done by Daniela, footage editing done by Melany. 
"Nothing like the feeling you get when it hits the stomach"

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