Goal 12 of the United Nations Sustainable Goals is Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Their websites sites the following: "Worldwide consumption and production — a driving force of the global economy — rest on the use of the natural environment and resources in a way that continues to have destructive impacts on the planet. Economic and social progress over the last century has been accompanied by environmental degradation that is endangering the very systems on which our future development — indeed, our very survival — depends." (https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-consumption-production/)
This project was made with the purpose to aware people of what's happening as of this moment. While the website on the video and poster are not real, the goal itself is and I do hope that as I continue to design, I get to work with issues such as this.
To learn more about this on-going issue, visit this page (not sponsored - only for education purposes).  
Case Study for this project click here! 

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