Story time!
How it started: 
When I first started to design, they were basically my first clients. Back then, I did their first logo and business cards, that was some time in 2019. I have a background in fine arts and photo editing, so my previous Graphic Design work was mostly editing pictures and some customized photo collages for some small business or individuals. So for one of my first logos, back then I wanted to do something artistic. Looking back, it definitely was not the style I would do now, but then they had loved it, and it was one of my first creations. 
I was looking to catch that phoenix essence and the plumbing so I went a little literal with it (which you can notice I that in the rebranding I also kept similar aspects, more on that later).  So here's one of my very first logos and business cards from when I started to gain experience in Graphic Design & Visual Identity Branding:
Now to the good stuff: 
After designing this logo, I decided that I definitely wanted to learn more about design and advance in a career with a little more foundation. This logo basically was what inspired me to launch my career. 
About 3 years later, now that I had developed my skills and had a better notion of design. They contacted me and asked me if I knew how to design websites. That conversation ended in giving Phoenix General Repairs a rebrand to their visual identiy. So, we got to work! However, after showing various ideas, they were married to the p-pipe and the phoenix. To fulfill this request and maintain that legacy of the logo, I took another approach which kept those elements but elevate their brand's aesthetic.
Now looking through this, I can see how much I have really grown as a designer and I'm pleased to showcase my growth in this case study for everyone to see. ​​​​​​​
Let's get on with the visual identity rebrand!
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Main Logos
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Front of Business Card
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Back of Business Card
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