Our team worked tremendously hard on this project, and are proud to have contributed to create an online course that will help students from Kindergarten to 8th Grade to learn about the habits of highly effective people and how to apply those in their lives to be better leaders. 

On the level that we worked in creating (Level 6) was a wonderful creative challenge for all of us, designing hundreds of images that would be shown on the slides as well as figuring out a cohesive style that will be not only engaging but attractive to the students.
Going for a fun color palette, free-hand drawn doodles, funky yet clean shapes, and even adding scalloped edges to the edges of the images made for a unique style as shown bellow.

As well as I would like to add that we really wanted for everyone to be represented as this is a course that will be shown worldwide to all kinds of students. As you will notice, diversity is definitely a theme here.
The Color Palette
The color palette was ideated by one of the designers in the team (Roxcy). We felt like it was the most suiting for the designs and the target audience of this course.
The Doodles
As you saw in the beginning of this page, doodles are a big part of these designs. They are used in many of the image designs. It was also another wonderous way to add color and a little more fun to the images, slides, and the companion book.
The images shown were all designed and edited by me. Stock images were provided by FranklinCovey | Education. As this was a work for hire, images belong to them yet I'm allowed to proudly showcase my work on here.
FranklinCovey created their own slide builder for this particular project and it didn't allow for much adjustment of the images or text on the slides as other software. One of the challenges was that images could not be bled outside of the margins of the slides. So to solve the "awkward whitespace" issue and provide designs with more intention, I proposed the scalloped edges approach

This approach not only fit with the brief of "fun and creative images", but gave opportunity to be even more innovative with designs.
This image is in a slide talking about bullying.

This is just a mockup (not provided by FranklinCovey). This is just a demonstration of how the slides look on the front-end interface when the slides are presented. There you can see one of the images I designed for this slide.

The Presentations and Slides
Here are some of the slides that were built with the images I designed being showcased here. I enjoy seeing my designs come to life on the slides and the scalloped edges also working so well.
The following are screenshots of the slides.  

Again, another mockup to demonstrate the cover image as well as the certificate I designed for the Leader In Me | Level 6 Curriculum Companion Book written by FranklinCovey. 

The Companion Book
Here are some of the pages in which some of the images I designed are featured in. As the caption above, I designed the book cover for Levels 6, 7 & 8 as well as the certificate that appears at the end of the book. The trophy image from the certificate was made by one of the designers (Chloe). The design of the pages (as in the layout of the page) was done by another design agency whose partner with FranklinCovey. I'm only showcasing these pages to show how the images I designed were implemented into the companion book for Level 6.
The following image exports taken out of the book. For demonstration purposes only.
Thank you for viewing!
Some of the mockup image credits:
https://www.freepik.com/psd/a4-magazine'>A4 magazine psd created by user17882893 - www.freepik.com
https://www.freepik.com/psd/virtual-classroom'>Virtual classroom psd created by freepik - www.freepik.com

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