Who is Dinerazo? 
Based on their 2020 brand guide: Dinerazo is a monetary investment company, dedicated to guiding and indicating the best proposals or moments of investment. Founded in 2020 by a group of Hispanic/Latino businessmen, with the mission of providing financial or investment solutions to people with a real genuine interest in capital investments with presence throughout the republic.

Why Dinerazo came to SODA @ MDC 
Student Operated Digital Agency, or SODA, is a student-operated agency which goal is to help students gain agency experience as they study at Miami Dade College. To do this, SODA works with real-world businesses with real-world problems using real-ad dollars to strategize and execute paid-media campaigns and other projects that may require a real budget.
Dinerazo was just a start-up when they came to SODA and they needed to for people to learn more about their brand. Being born at the Miami Dade College's Idea Center, they loved to work with students and letting them learn along with them. Together, not only did SODA have a great learning experience and challenge making their first-ever case study, but Dinerazo benefited from a fresh outlook on their brand and working with innovative industry professionals at MDC.
Working closely with the client, we saw three main problems that needed to be solved: 
- Dinerazo is a recent finance start-up in a competitive market.
- Their social media (specifically their Instagram) needed a refreshed look to attract their target audience, buyer persona, and ideal demographic.
- They needed a paid media campaign to increase brand recognition and be able to get clients on their platform to learn and start investing. 
SODA then came up with the following solutions for Dinerazo:
- SODA audit’s their Brand, SEO, Website, and Social Media to come up with a good strategy to get them more recognition.
- Creative Director extended their color palette and created new templates for social media and digital communications that could be used to engage better with their target audience.
- SODA partnered with The Cookie Lab to launch their paid-media campaign.​​​​​​​
Their target audience can be summarized to latinos, latinas and hispanics either imigrants or firs-generation, who are in their 30's, looking to invest.
Dinerazo's Social Media Glow Up 
Social Media was one of the very first focuses SODA wanted to take to help Dinerazo. Since they wanted to create a learning environment, platforms like Instagram allow brand’s like Dinerazo to reach their audience with this goal. 
SODA's creative lead extened their color palette as well as developed a 5-grid strategy for their social media organic campaign. Below is shown one of the first organic template which later became the center piece of their paid-media campaign as well as the 5-grid strategy mockup.
Vice-President & Creative Director alongside Content Prodrucer of SODA created mockup carousel for Dinerazo's new look.
5-color grid strategy

The center piece of the organic & paid-social media campaign in Spanish.

The results of the organic social media & paid media campaign resulted in an almost 40% increase in new followers and over 469 new engagements in only 2 months.
Dinerazo's Paid-Media Campaign
Here are the creatives for the paid-media campaign that was ran in March of 2022. (Some where scaled larger than the original web size for portfolio purposes.)
SODA's Multimedia Graphic Designer also animated one of the designs to be a reel for Instagram. The video recieved over 7,500 views during the paid-media campaign.
The KPIs of the campaign showed a total of 700 conversions during the 30-day paid media campaign, resulting in a total of 38 new clients for Dinerazo.

As of late March of 2023, Dinerazo has rebranded. You can visit their website at dinerazo.com

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