Delectables by Daph is just as the name suggests: delectable. Wonderful homemade macarons in all sorts of flavors. Cookies and scones that go well with every season. Made to order specialty desserts. Delectables offers a service of personalized calligraphy cards too.
Before designing her logo, I reached out to her basically saying, "hey, can I design a logo for your startup?" Delighted with the idea, we worked together to create a logo that was out of the ordinary. In today's branding & logotype trends, simple is the way to go. Yet, for some, such as Delectables, a logo that makes you want to literally want to get the logo out of your screen and eat it sounded utterly appetizing. With that in mind, I present to you Delectables' logo and some mock-ups of what packaging and business cards could look like. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The logo features a realist look. Using references, imagination and creativity, I tried to captivate the macarons in a way that it could have a 3D yet illustrated feel to them. Apart from being inspired by the French Vanilla and Chocolate flavor, these colors are classy and romantic. Pared with the sage-like hue, the logo has a light and delicate touch that is irresistible to the eye. It's distinct, it's unique, it's delectable. 
While the owner has already designed her own menu in which she shows her creations, I let her know that, for portfolio purposes, I would be designing some things that went with the brand and logo created. With all of this mentioned, enjoy!
**phone number is not real for privacy purposes. 
**actual screenshot of existing account. I did not design the posts, just the logo shown in the icon. 

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